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The Tracks Team

Our intimate knowledge of local resource consent processes, council standards, and the unique conditions of the Bay of Plenty sets us apart. We operate not just as contractors but as custodians of the land, guided by a business sustainability policy that ensures our operations leave a minimal environmental footprint.

With the resources, knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to quality, Tracks are dedicated to forging ahead, building a better future for our local communities, and ensuring the legacy of excellence that has been our hallmark for four decades.

Expert Team

Boasting over 60 highly skilled professionals, our team includes site-safe accredited personnel, who are the backbone of our operational success. Our workforce comprises:


Diesel Mechanics


Engineering Specialist


Experienced Machine Operators


Concrete Workers




Fully Licensed Truck Drivers


Full time Office Personnel


Full time Dedicated Traffic Management Co-ordinator


Small Plant Mechanic


Qualified STMS


Traffic Controllers


Local Labourers, the hands that shape our visions into reality.

who we are

Tracks have the resources and personnel to complete any project to a high standard.

Ken Young - Director

Director of Operations and Earthworks Specialist at Tracks Ltd.

Ken Young, is a seasoned professional with a storied career in the earthmoving and civil construction sectors. His profound understanding of the intricate dance between man, machine, and the soil they shape has made him an invaluable leader within the company.

Before bringing his extensive expertise to Tracks in 2001, Ken founded and operated KK Contractors in Ohakune, a company known for its substantial earthworks and precision in handling complex projects. His time at the helm saw the successful management of a fleet of excavators and heavy-duty machinery, culminating in over 25,000 hours of hands-on excavator operation — a testament to his dedication and skill.

At Tracks, Ken’s strategic leadership extends across the full spectrum of operations. He is responsible for the upkeep and deployment of the company’s comprehensive fleet, ensuring each piece of equipment operates at its best and matches the project’s demands. Ken’s approach goes beyond maintenance; he champions the continuous skill development of his team, frequently leading from the front with practical training sessions that enhance on-the-ground expertise.

His commitment to excellence is also reflected in his spearheading of the company’s Quality Assurance Programme, which aligns with the rigorous TSQ1 standards. This focus has led to the consistent delivery of high-quality projects, completed efficiently and within budget. As Tracks Safety Manager, Ken has been pivotal in developing a culture of safety that permeates every job site, underscored by an outstanding safety record.

Ken’s ability to oversee a broad range of projects — from large-scale excavations to precision kerb and channel work — has significantly contributed to Tracks ability to take on and successfully complete projects that are both complex and varied. His drafting and implementation of detailed Environmental Plans ensure that every project not only meets but exceeds, industry standards for environmental stewardship.

Even after decades in the industry, Ken’s passion for civil construction remains undimmed. His hands-on management and commitment to the highest standards of workmanship ensure that Tracks not only retains but grows its market share in an ever-evolving industry.

Chris Gray - Director

Managing Director and Operational Strategist at Tracks Ltd.

Chris Gray, the Managing Director at Tracks, brings over 35 years of construction industry expertise to the forefront of the company’s operations. With a career that began in technical roles overseeing asphalt and aggregate quality, Chris swiftly transitioned into operational management, leading asphalt plants and quarries with a keen eye on efficiency and sustainability.

His leadership roles in United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia have been marked by a successful implementation of lean manufacturing principles, significantly enhancing productivity. In 2016, Chris further expanded his breadth of experience by managing a large equipment importing company, supplying to various industry sectors including mining and civil construction.

Upon acquiring a stake in Tracks in 2023, Chris has been pivotal in managing the company’s support functions and shared services and optimising operations. Under his guidance, Tracks has continued to uphold its commitment to Health & Safety, Quality and efficiency in all aspects of its operations.

Notably, Chris holds an A Grade Quarry Manager Certificate, showcasing his deep understanding of quarrying operations and safety regulations—a testament to his comprehensive knowledge and his dedication to industry best practices. His strategic approach to management is grounded in a balance of technical skill, environmental consciousness, and a focus on workplace health and safety, positioning Tracks for continued success in the construction sector.

Kevin Dodds (Baz) - Founding Director

Founding Director and Esteemed Contractor at Tracks Ltd.

Kevin (Baz) Dodds stands as the founding visionary of Tracks Ltd, his name synonymous with the company’s reputation for excellence in the civil construction realm. His profound technical knowledge and vast experience in establishing effective work programmes for civil projects are the bedrock upon which Tracks is built. Baz’s intimate understanding of the local conditions, from soil behaviour to the unique environmental challenges of the Eastern Bay of Plenty, has been instrumental in navigating complex project landscapes. His foresight and expertise enable him to adapt work plans dynamically, ensuring performance excellence and the timely completion of projects.

Since 1974, Baz’s career trajectory has been a testament to his leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. From his early days as a self-employed concrete contractor, laying the foundations of Kawerau’s southern subdivisions, to the incorporation of Tracks Concrete Limited in 1980, his journey has been marked by growth and innovation.

The acquisition of DV McCoy Contracting in 1986 expanded the company’s capabilities, bringing excavation, roading, site clearing, and river stone mining under the Tracks umbrella. The eventual amalgamation in 2002, forming Tracks Ltd., was a strategic move that leveraged the strengths of both entities.

Baz’s hands-on approach and onsite presence have not only fostered a culture of teamwork but have also been pivotal in the company’s successful delivery of complex projects. His commitment to quality workmanship, resilience under challenging conditions, and dedication to meeting clients’ expectations have earned Tracks an enviable reputation.

While Baz has transitioned from his role as a shareholder, he continues to be an integral part of the team as a retained contractor. His focus remains on the concreting division, where his guidance ensures the seamless execution of operations and the continuation of the high standards that Tracks is known for. Baz Dodds’ legacy is one of passion, precision, and a relentless drive for excellence – qualities that continue to steer Tracks towards a future of sustained success.

CHRIS AMBROSE - Supervisor

Chris has been a valued employee of Tracks since 2011 – coming from the Ruapehu District bringing with him roading, civil infrastructure, and road maintenance skills. As a Construction Supervisor and machine operator based in Taumarunui, Chris developed a wide range of skills needed to cater for the harsh, difficult and unstable geography and environment being the Central Plateau.

He has worked closely with clients, consultants and engineers to ensure a quality job is completed that exceed the clients’ expectations. Chris works to a high standard and expects the same of his crew, whilst focusing on Health and Safety at all times. Chris could often be supervising multiple jobs at one time, as well as being hands on with his crew.

Chris has a hands-on part in Tracks Health and Safety policies and procedures being a part of the Health and Safety Committee at Tracks and attending weekly meetings to discuss health and safety concerns. He has also held a Site Traffic Management Specialist ticket for nearly 20 years, which enables Chris to identify any hazards while on the job to keep workers, contractors and the general public safe while still completing the task at hand.

Chris is experienced in operating a wide variety of construction machinery and equipment, in particular excavators, graders, loaders and rollers. He is also qualified to drive 4 and 6 wheeler trucks, and has operated articulated dumps trucks and bulldozers. This experience has been gained through involvement with and projects including pavement construction, maintenance grading, all facets of roading infrastructure and remedial works and earthmoving. Chris has been the Supervisor for many key projects over the years at Tracks.

Wes Dodds - Licenced Building Practitioner

Wes Dodds, a seasoned craftsman, has been shaping the landscape of the Eastern Bay of Plenty with his expert building skills since obtaining his qualification in 2009. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own building company in 2010, which quickly became known for constructing quality residential properties in the region.

In 2018, Wes brought his considerable talents to Tracks, where he took on the role of Lead Carpenter and Site Supervisor. His portfolio of projects is both broad and impressive, encompassing critical infrastructure such as floor slabs, retaining walls, and bespoke landscape works. Wes is meticulous with compliance, handling all restricted building work and documentation that necessitates consents.

His supervisorial acumen has been instrumental in the successful completion of several high-profile projects, including the Whakatane District Council (WDC) Game Wharf Upgrade, the Opotiki District Council (ODC) Rose Garden Upgrade, the Allandale School Playground Upgrade, and the WDC James Street Shared Use Path.

Wes’s reputation for precision in workmanship, combined with his leadership capabilities and proactive approach, ensures that every project not only meets but exceeds client expectations. His hands-on leadership and commitment to achieving the best outcomes have made him a pivotal figure in the Tracks team.

Robbie Bowen - Carpenter

Robbie Bowen, a native of South Wales, is a seasoned craftsman with a rich heritage in carpentry and joinery, honed at Ystrad Mynach College. His career in Wales, spanning from 1987 to 2006, saw him advance from a hands-on carpenter to a Foreman, managing diverse construction tasks including piling, foundation work, steel fixing, shuttering, drainage, and intricate cobblestone laying.

In 2007, Robbie made the significant move to New Zealand, bringing his vast experience and skill set to Tracks. Since joining the company in December that year, he has played a pivotal role in our flagship construction projects. His exceptional workmanship and adeptness in executing complex designs, particularly retaining walls, have been invaluable to the company’s success.

Robbie’s extensive background in various forms of construction work allows him to lead his team effectively. As a foreman, he not only ensures the highest quality of craftsmanship but also prioritizes the safety and timely completion of projects. His leadership in guiding carpentry and hammer-hand crews has ensured that work adheres to strict safety guidelines and project timetables, all while maintaining exemplary standards of workmanship. Robbie’s dedication and expertise make him an indispensable asset to the Tracks family.

Brett Wilson - Concrete Foreman

With a robust tenure exceeding three decades at Tracks, Brett Wilson has become synonymous with the company’s legacy in the Bay of Plenty region. Rising through the ranks, Brett’s journey is one of growth, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

As the foreman of the concrete crew, Brett is the cornerstone of one of the company’s most critical operations. His leadership is defined by an exceptional standard of work and a rigorous dedication to health and safety. Brett’s extensive experience with diverse concrete products and finishes lends him an unparalleled ability to tailor solutions to each project’s specific needs.

His problem-solving acuity and outstanding time management are reflected in his capacity to oversee, manage, and execute multiple concrete jobs simultaneously. Brett’s proficiency has been particularly evident as the lead foreman on several of Tracks’s flagship pavement contracts. The award-winning Warren Cole Walkway, the Ohope Shared Use Path, and the Centennial Park upgrade are testaments to his ability to deliver projects that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Beyond large-scale public works, Brett also applies his expertise to residential constructions and council repair works, further showcasing his versatility and excellence in the field of concrete construction. 

James Tawaka - Machine Operator

Since joining Tracks in 2007, James Tawaka has become an essential member of the construction team, operating machinery across a spectrum of projects, both residential and commercial. His hands-on experience has contributed to the success of significant developments including the Whakatane District Council (WDC) Game Wharf Upgrade and the Manawahe Slip Reinstatement.

James has demonstrated remarkable skill on large-scale operations such as the extensive Te Whaiti and Ruatahuna Roads Storm Damage repairs (sites 11 & 12 Package A) for WDC, and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) Rangitaiki Floodway works. His proficiency extends to navigating state-of-the-art GPS Topcon software, ensuring precision and efficiency on complex job sites.

His competence with a range of heavy machinery has not only bolstered the company’s capability to handle challenging projects but also ensured that deadlines are met without compromising on quality. James’s adaptability and technical skills in machine operation have been pivotal in delivering outcomes that meet both Tracks and clients’ high standards.

Norm Sanders - Cobblestone/Paving/Landscape Foreman

Norm Sanders’ career is a rich tapestry of experience within the concreting and landscaping industries, beginning in 1978 at Firth Industries in Tauranga. Starting as a yardsman/despatcher, he quickly became adept in the nuanced aspects of concreting and cobblestone work. His proficiency led him to a Yard Salesman position in Hamilton, where he honed his customer service and sales skills.

The Australian construction sites benefited from his expertise in scaffolding and bricklaying in the late ’80s, where he also undertook the critical role of a Health and Safety Officer. Returning to the Bay of Plenty in 1990, Norm’s craftsmanship as a Cobblestone Layer and Foreman shone through, overseeing six labourers at Bay of Plenty Pavers.

Norm’s journey took him back to Hamilton, where he contributed to Stress Concrete Ltd and then established himself as a self-employed Paving Contractor. His work has left a lasting imprint on the community, including the revitalization of Hamilton’s main street and winning a Master Builder’s Award for landscaping in 1998.

Joining Tracks in 2001, Norm has been nothing short of a stellar addition to the team. His unwavering commitment to quality, regardless of the project’s challenges, underscores his expertise. As a Foreman, Norm’s personable nature and professional rapport with clients and colleagues alike make him a cherished leader on-site.

Renowned for his precise cobblestone and paving work, Norm’s skillset is unparalleled, evident in the high-quality finishes he consistently achieves. His work, characterized by exceptional attention to detail and extensive design knowledge, can be seen throughout the Whakatane district, having spearheaded multiple projects for the Whakatane District Council with Tracks.

Andrew Mackey - Concrete mANAGER

Concrete Manager at Tracks Ltd.

Andrew Mackey brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Tracks as our esteemed Concrete Manager. With over seven years of experience in the Tauranga region, Andrew has honed his skills across a broad spectrum of concrete applications. Before joining Tracks in 2023, he successfully ran his own concrete business, mastering the art of decorative and exposed concrete finishes.

Andrew’s extensive background includes servicing residential, commercial, and rural sectors, where he has led projects ranging from the installation of elegant footpaths and driveways to the construction of functional swimming pools, surrounds, and feed pads. His commitment to quality and his innovative approach to concrete solutions make him a valuable leader within our team.

At Tracks, Andrew continues to apply his passion for concrete work, contributing to the creation of durable and aesthetically pleasing projects that stand the test of time. His expertise not only enhances our service offerings but also ensures that every project benefits from the highest standards of workmanship and design.

Lachie Shaw - Site Foreman & Machine Operator

Since joining the Tracks team in 2011, Lachie Shaw has established himself as a versatile machine operator capable of tackling a diverse array of projects, from intimate residential jobs to large-scale commercial undertakings. His adaptability and skillful operation of a variety of machinery make him a valuable asset to any construction site.

Lachie has demonstrated a particular knack for augur works, site preparation for housing developments, constructing retaining walls, demolition, and performing precise excavator operations. His commitment to broadening his expertise is evident in his current pursuit of a New Zealand Certificate in Drainlaying Level 4, adding a critical skill to his repertoire.

Among the significant projects Lachie has contributed to are the Allandale School Playground Upgrade, the BOPRC Rangitaiki Stopbank Stage 5 and Stage 6a, the WDC Wainui Road Safety Improvements, and the challenging storm damage repair work on Te Whaiti and Ruatahuna Roads (sites 11 & 12). These projects showcase not only his technical abilities but also his capacity to work under demanding conditions and deliver results that meet Tracks’ high standards.

Lachie’s dedication and consistent performance have earmarked him as an emerging leader within the company. With guidance and mentorship from Tracks, he is well on his way to stepping into a Site Foreman role, where his leadership skills and commitment to excellence will continue to drive success.

Amaru Hawira - Foreman/Operator

With over two decades of hands-on experience in the construction sector in New Zealand and Australia, Amaru brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

His recent move to Tracks Whakatane signifies his commitment to honing his skills and contributing to the community. Known for his reliability and dedication, Amaru takes pride in delivering quality workmanship on every project. His time in the industry has equipped him with a robust skill set, particularly in problem-solving, communication, and team collaboration.

Chris Clarry - Carpenter Foreman

Chris Clarry, a dedicated and skilled builder with over a decade of experience in the building and construction industry, brings a blend of technical proficiency and leadership to Tracks. His diverse background includes four years of constructing cow sheds and residential homes, complemented by seven years in maintaining commercial workshops and residential buildings.

Chris’s mechanical acumen and problem-solving skills are key assets, enabling him to find efficient and effective solutions to complex challenges. His confidence in managing staff, subcontractors, and clients is bolstered by his firm commitment to health and safety guidelines and meeting deadlines.

With a brief stint in earthmoving, civil, and concreting, followed by an adventurous seven months in a remote mining camp in Mongolia, Chris has honed his skills in a range of testing conditions, from dust storms to extreme temperatures and shift work. This experience has equipped him with the resilience and adaptability vital in the construction sector.

Melissa Churchman-Davis - Health & Safety Advisor

Melissa Churchman-Davis is Tracks dedicated Health and Safety Advisor, bringing a comprehensive background in HSE administration and quality coordination from her time with Broadspectrum at Oji Fibre Solutions, Tasman, Kawerau. Her tenure there from 2005 to 2016 honed her expertise in managing and maintaining HSE systems, with a particular focus on injury and hazard reporting, toolbox meetings, training records, and policy development.

Transitioning to a consultancy role, Melissa has since empowered businesses to establish and refine their Health and Safety Management Systems. Her client work revolves around developing streamlined office systems, enhancing document control, and ensuring efficient record-keeping practices.

At Tracks, Melissa works up to 30 hours weekly and remains on call for emergencies, providing an essential safety net for the company. Her leadership in conducting monthly safety committee meetings and biweekly staff safety sessions at the Tracks yard underlines her commitment to fostering a safe and compliant work environment. Her role is crucial in upholding Tracks high standards of workplace safety and operational excellence.

Training / Certificates:
– National Certificate OSH Level 4
– Telarc – Auditing Quality Management Systems
– Height safety certificate
– Confined space & gas detection certificate
– First aid level 1